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Profit First New Zealand

I use Profit First in my Business - so why shouldn't you?

A client of mine introduced me to Profit First, a system created by Mike Michalowicz, during a casual coffee meeting. Intrigued, I delved into his book and even listened to the audio version, taking detailed notes along the way.

The ideas presented in Profit First truly sparked my enthusiasm and I decided to join Profit First Australia and New Zealand. Now, I am driven to assist businesses in their transformation and success, as this has become my ultimate passion. With Profit First's focus on creating a purpose for your money, I now have the tools to create profitable and sustainable businesses

What is Profit First?

  • Profit First allows you as the business owner / shareholder to take regular Profit Distributions.
  • Profit First is a cash management system that allows you to understand the financial health of your business.
  • Profit First, implements systems and encourages habits so that your business enjoys long term success.
  • Profit First gives you clarity and peace of mind. It helps eradicate business debt and controls expenditure so that you always have enough money in your bank account to pay your taxes, wages and upcoming expenses.

Stop Serving Your Business, Let Your Business Serve You and Enjoy Financial Freedom and Success.

How Profit First works

At On Task Bookkeeping, we specialise in innovative financial strategies, including the Profit First methodology, to empower businesses with effective cash management solutions. The Profit First model is revolutionary in its approach, flipping the traditional bookkeeping formula to prioritize profit. By implementing this method, we guide businesses in restructuring their financial management, ensuring that profitability is not an afterthought but a primary goal.

Effective cash management is the cornerstone of any successful business. We provide comprehensive cash management solutions, designed to optimize the cash flow and liquidity of your business. Our team works closely with you to analyse your cash flow patterns, manage receivables and payables, and develop strategies that maximise your cash position. This meticulous approach to cash management not only improves day-to-day operations but also sets a strong foundation for long-term financial health.

Profit First for Contractors is another area of our expertise. Contractors often face unique financial challenges, from fluctuating income to project-specific expenses. Our tailored Profit First approach for contractors ensures that these businesses can maintain profitability, regardless of the nature of their projects. By using the Profit First accounting system, contractors can ensure that every dollar is allocated efficiently, securing profit margins even in the most challenging scenarios. On Task also offers Profit First for personal finances, so that you can build a healthy cash flow management system for yourself.

Profit First Strategy

The Profit First Accounting System itself is a game-changer for many businesses. It encourages owners to take their profit first and then manage expenses with the remaining funds. This simple yet effective shift in financial planning can significantly enhance the profitability and sustainability of a business. By working with On Task Bookkeeping, businesses can seamlessly integrate this system into their existing financial processes.

Business debt solutions are another critical area where we provide expert guidance. Dealing with debt can be overwhelming, but our strategic approach helps businesses navigate this challenge effectively. We offer customised solutions to manage and reduce debt, improving the financial standing and creditworthiness of your business. Our goal is to create a sustainable path towards financial freedom for our clients.

In the context of New Zealand, Profit Distribution in NZ is managed with an understanding of local tax implications and legal requirements. We assist businesses in creating profit distribution strategies that are not only rewarding for the owners but also compliant with NZ regulations. Whether it’s determining the optimal frequency for profit distribution or calculating the appropriate amounts, our expertise ensures that businesses in NZ can distribute their profits efficiently and responsibly.

On Task Bookkeeping is dedicated to providing innovative financial solutions that drive profitability and stability. Whether you're a small start-up or a large corporation, our expert team is equipped to offer the support and guidance you need to achieve your financial objectives. Trust us to transform your financial management with the Profit First system, robust cash management strategies, and effective solutions for all your financial challenges.

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"On Task Bookkeeping came through as a referral from our accountant in May 2017 and been our trusted bookkeeper since. Verena is efficient, accurate and pays attention to detail. She also looks after our payroll and G.S.T. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending On Task Bookkeeping to other companies."

Martin Russell


"I have had the great pleasure and experience to have Verena looking after all my business interests and tax returns. Without her expertise my business would not be the strong business it is today. No problem is too big or too small, she just sorts it. I am able to relax and put all my effort into building my business and have no anxiety about whether my IRD commitments are up to date. Peace of mind and personal support."

Karen Swann

Cygnet Haulage Ltd

"We have several companies under K Benson Contracting and we use On Task Bookeeping to keep all our Accounts in order, Verena looks over everything that is done in the company and helps out when we have problems throughout the month, I feel that Verena is amazing and is very patient and helps in any way she can. I can ring her any time and she will be there to help with any queries, dealing with her is a pleasure and she is very knowledgeable especially with Xero Accounting. I would recommend her company to anyone who has a business and needs help."

Mandy Bowen

K Benson Contracting Ltd

"We have worked with Verena from On Task Bookkeeping for several years now. I have always been thoroughly impressed by the level of service and courtesy Verena has always delivered. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, organised and punctual and a great asset to our business operations accounting needs. Verena is very dedicated to her work and clients, you feel at ease knowing she has thoroughly checked over all aspects of our bookkeeping. We have no hesitation and completely recommending Verena and On Task Bookkeeping to anyone needing a quality, competent and trustworthy Bookkeeper."

Grant Saunders

Pinnacle Marine European Ltd

"I'm a long haul truck driver and owner and I find the time I have is limited i.e. GST and other bits of paper work. On Task Bookkeeping is the best solution for me. I have found On Task Bookkeeping to be the best asset to my company. Verena has had the most experience in helping me keep on top of my paperwork and keeping me on track as well as keeping my business moving forward in these challenging times. With Covid-19 challenges, we were able to keep my business moving in the right direction. With prompt response, I am able to do my job without the added stress, I feel that knowing Verena and On Task Bookkeeping are working for me. Is the best part of business plan for the future. HAPPY PARTNER IN BUSINESS."

Michael Saunders

Ideal Haulage Ltd

"Running a restaurant is hectic enough, having Verena's knowledge is such a help and saves me a lot of stress. She's always onto it, and I always feel a sense of trust that she'll have everything under control."

Plabita Florence

Forest Restaurant ltd

"Before On Task Bookkeeping came on board to help, my Xero books were in a very dire state and getting worse by the day. Verena is an absolute miracle worker and I feel so grateful that I could offload my bookkeeping stress to her. She has everything in tiptop order and I love that my 2 monthly GST filing is just taken care of - with no stress. Verena is always there to help and offer advice and assistance with accounting queries. Verena is so easy to work with and is a completely indispensable part of my team. I highly recommend On Task Bookkeeping."

Timara Bonfante

Essentially Tamara Ltd

"I really enjoy working with Verena and her On Task team. They have made everything easier and helped us to be much more organised in business. Very efficient and always great advice. Fantastic services and great people to work with."

Shaun Dunne

Sourcing Direct Limted